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Information for rights holders

The search video service with the domain name picatom.com does not violate copyrights and acts on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation. We respect the constitution, and your property and are not going to violate the law. All the content on the site was freely available and intended for private viewing. We only deal with its distribution on the network and do not have the goal of earning money on your work or violating confidentiality.

For the addition of new content to our resource is a modern automated system that selects videos without administration. She collects video materials on a special filter, which helps to avoid misunderstandings. There is no unlicensed video content, as there are no those that were stolen from the rightholders. The system does not only search for materials, but also their publication on the site. Automated system can fill in on the site only those videos, which are freely available and on absolutely open and well-known resources.

The administration of the resource picatom.com will gladly cooperate with the rightholders. If you have a claim for an account of rights. Or you think that we are violating your copyrights, please write it through the feedback form. We will promptly process your complaint and if our site in any way violates your copyrights, we will necessarily delete the materials.

An appeal to the picatom.com administration should consist of such documents as:

  1. Confirmation of the rights to the material placed by us, which in turn is protected by copyright.

    - It can be like an official document with a seal, which confirms its effectiveness.
    - Other information that will help us to identify you as the copyright owner.
    - If you represent a large company, then it will be enough to send an email from your company's official mail.

  2. Links to pages of our resource that contain video content published in violation.

When we receive all the necessary information, then delete the data in two days.