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Image Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 10 Things It DOESN'T TELL YOU Image Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 10 Things It DOESN'T TELL YOU Image Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 10 Things It DOESN'T TELL YOU
Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 10 Things It DOESN'T TELL YOU
(last modified 25.11.2021 )

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 10 Things It DOESN'T TELL YOU

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been released as free-to-play on PC and Xbox Series X/S/One. Here are some beginner tips to help with jumping in.
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a moment of silence for the era of video games when you unlocked things by just playing the game. No battle passes, no loot boxes, just hard work and a sense of accomplishment. That’s what i loved about Bungie’s halos, having to work my ass off in the multiplayer and the campaign to unlock new armor. Hell even Halo 4 still had that. It made me pretty sad to see that EVA was a battle pass exclusive in Infinite, and that you only have like 8 other spartan variants without the battle pass. I was disappointed but unfortunately not surprised considering the nature of the video game industry today, and we can thank EA and fortnite for that. And i wasn’t all too surprised after what 343 did with armor and items in 5 with the loot boxes. Overall, it’s just really depressing to me that we’ll probably never go back to the times where we unlocked things by actually doing stuff in the game. Your friend sees you rocking a cool new helmet, and he says “Holy shit bro, how’d you get that?” and you tell him you had to stay up all night trying to beat the last level on legendary. We won’t have those moments anymore, because we don’t work for the things we earn in games anymore. People don’t ask how you unlocked that anymore, they’re gonna ask how much it was. which is sad. i miss that feeling of accomplishment trying to unlock everything in a game just by playing it. i know it might seem like a trivial thing to complain about, and i know to a certain extent it isn’t game companies’ fault. it’s the nature of the industry now, and to keep up in the video game industry, you have to adapt to the business practices of today, even if they’re greedy, anti consumer ones :/

Author — hotlinespaghetti •

One thing I’ve noticed is that when people are gunner in a warthog and the driver gets highjacked they don’t know to change to the passenger seat from gunner pressing A and punchy the driver. I’ve done it quite a few times.

Author — Eye_Complain

This is the first shooter where I feel on even grounds with everyone. No loosing a thousand times before I level enough to unlock a gun mode that everyone else has. Everyone has the same chance to win in this game and I love it.

Author — JonnyDarcko

Honestly, this is the most useful 10 things, I’ve seen in a while. I check all of them out but this one for Infinite was very informative. Thanks sir Falcon!

Author — Lucky Luis

For muting options, I just go in settings>audio> and have chat only to friends or fireteam. If you’re a random, you’re muted.

Author — Wilfredo