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Image Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It? Image Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It? Image Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?
Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?
(last modified 04.12.2019 )

Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?

Alien Isolation is out this week on Nintendo Switch, but just how does it stack up to its previous iterations?
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Of course it’ll look fine. The game had AMAZING optimization on PC. I ran it on a shittyy old 2012 laptop I had Laying around, just to see if it could run it. & it did easily since I’m guessing it doesn’t have much processing going on without too much AI & what I love about newer games like RE7 & GTA 5 is that they allow resolution scaling. So you can fine tune a good mix of graphics & performance of your preference.

Author — Puppy Puppington

I am glad to hear that one of the best horror games ever made also got a Switch port to enhance the sale numbers. Big sale numbers is very important for precious highest quality top-notch single player games. And now Creative Assembly should make a proper Oculus Rift and HTC Vive port ;) because VR fans can only get an inofficial alpha-status mod called "mother-mod" for this game.

Author — Julia Shenandoah

My only downside I have for this game is it should have been released around October of last year. Despite that Alien Isolation is a great horror game for the fans of the Alien franchise. This game deserves a 9/10 indeed.

Author — John V

I hot swop between games but havent turned this game off for 2-3 days, it is much more tidy than the ps4 version, all the jaggies and shimmering have been cleaned right up, 10/10 easy, Epic game cant get enough ! I didnt play it much on PS4 but I am really really into it on the Switch, really amazing how the switch just amazes every month with something that you wouldnt expect to run and look as good as this on the Switch, I really am dying to see what games start looking like next year on this console, said it before and ill say it again … this console has got me back into gaming like nothing before it , 35 years of gaming owned every console ever released in that time and the Switch is the best console I have ever had, I reckon by the time I have had this for 10 days and my game time displays on my profile it will say 50-100 hours playtime already.

Author — Jasonisourhero

I’ve had some terrible sound mix issues in the Marlow bit (won’t say any more to spoil it). Also, the game has crashed on one occasion, and levels have loaded in empty of any scenery for a few seconds a couple of times. I’ve also had two occasions when NPC interactions have failed to trigger, forcing me to reload from a save point. It’s a great port, but there are some serious bugs that need patching.

Author — Happy SpaceInvader

This game was fantastic to play through on the PC and as a horror game fan it is definetely among the best. I never checked out the survival quick run modes so I should do that some time.

Author — Hmbs