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Image 10 Gaming-Related Injuries You DON'T WANT Image 10 Gaming-Related Injuries You DON'T WANT Image 10 Gaming-Related Injuries You DON'T WANT
10 Gaming-Related Injuries You DON'T WANT
(last modified 04.08.2020 )

10 Gaming-Related Injuries You DON'T WANT

Many injuries and ailments can either be cause or worsened by playing video games. Here are some examples (please note: we are not experts).
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I’m currently a masters student studying software engineering. Every single one of those things are common among software engineers, programmers, etc. What truly baffles me, however, is that in my entire undergrad and half of my masters program, never once has the preventative measures ever been listed or mentioned. I spend 8-12 hours per day on my computer for work, as well as a majority of my remaining waking time gaming. I take a ton of preventative measures personally, but I only discovered the measures by researching symptoms I experienced. Some things help more than others (keep the top of your monitor at eye level or slightly above, do “range of motion” exercises like rolling your wrists and open/closing your hand occasionally, drink excessively more water to reduce the headaches dryness of the eyes and to encourage you to get up and walk around for refills and restroom breaks). Quick side note: I have optic nerve damage, and I’ve asked my eye doctors about the blue light filtering glasses, and I’m always told “they don’t really help with preventing damage, but if you want to try them there’s no harm in using them either” — but for glasses users, there are new prescription lense designs specifically for use at computers which I was allowed to test and wow the difference is astonishing... I just wish they weren’t upwards of $250. But I digress. I was mostly complaining about how even at universities, they don’t teach the students about proper self care and preventative measures to protect against ganache caused by being at a computer for so long. I’ve had professors recommend taking insurance on your hands in case of carpel tunnel, but never to invest in the wrist pads for mouse/keyboard, ergonomic/vertical mice, or even gloves designed to keep wrists stable so you don’t put them in bad positions for long. My ranting aside, take the measures early — the cost of an ergonomic chair/mouse/keyboard is several times (sometimes even dozens or hundreds of times) cheaper than a hospital visit or surgery. For most people, I’d recommend a chair upgrade over a new gpu / cpu for your upgrade. And be wary, “gaming chairs” aren’t usually the most ergonomic or comfortable. Look at office chairs in the same price point (they’re designed for people who have to sit at computers for work all day, after all)

Author — ZarBluestar

1:06 This could also happen by playing sports, I jammed my finger extremely hard 4 times surprised it didn’t break and it caused my thumbs to crack when they bend sometimes. Doesn’t much anymore.

Author — Cam

"inadequate sleep" Me watching this video at 2am while waiting for ghost of tsushima to start up: "uh yeahhh about that"

Author — Jaydino14

Him: describes sleep deprivation and tension headaches. Me: Realizes I have both of those things while watching this video.

Author — Tommy Meadows

This happened back in 2014. I had gone through a serious break up and ended up playing around 10-15 hours a day. Skyrim was my life back then with all the mods and what not. Bad posture in the end made be a victim of Prolapse Intervertebral Disc. Was bed ridden for a complete month. Only through a lot of physiotherapy and exercises, I have been finally able to have a strong back again.

Author — Abhinav Kashyap