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Image 21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know Image 21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know Image 21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know
21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know
(last modified 21.10.2021 )

21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know

Over the years veteran Battlefield players have developed a lot of knowledge, tricks, and some unspoken rules. It’s time to pass those skills on to a new generation of Battlefield 2042 players. Here are things every Battlefield player knows that can make you better at the game.
Battlefield 2042 releases in November and may attract a lot of new players, including those coming over from Modern Warfare 2019, who aren’t familiar with the series. Battlefield is a franchise that doesn’t hold your hand as much as Call Of Duty and will let you get yourself into bad situations easily so it’s important to know what you’re doing. The sandbox nature of the game opens up a lot of clever tips and tricks and unexpected things you can do with class gadgets, weapons, vehicles, and destruction. It’s even more complex now that the new specialist system, with things like turrets and grappling hooks, has upended the older class system that itself evolved and changed from 1942, Battlefield 2, 2142, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 or 4, and World War settings.
In this video we’re rounding up some of the tips, tricks, and knowledge that Battlefield veterans have gathered over the last two decades in order to catch you up ahead of 2042’s launch. You’ll learn about clever ways to use vehicles, how players use C4 to grief their opponents, why certain gear is misunderstood, how to increase your chances of bailing from a bad situation successfully, odd ways players might try to communicate with you, how to not fall for mind games people play, and why you should try sticking everything to everything.
These skills will probably come in handy across the three modes coming out at launch which include All-Out-Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Portal. We have only begun to dig into specialists and gadgets with many more releasing over the course of four Battle Passes. Make sure to tell us about your experiences with the Battlefield 2042 Open beta and head on over to GameSpot.com for ongoing coverage.
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Another thing this video left out is that most of the time you’ll be fighting an open train not in buildings in your enemy will always be for to 6 miles away it will be like shooting at little dots You will always get killed a lot and it takes a long time to jump back into the game Running out of ammo is a big issue specially if you have to fight against a tank you won’t have the weapons to fight the tank so you’ll be running for your life a lot That single player mode day decided to put in the game is the same way I returned the game to the store unplayable

Author — Alambe727

I knew a lot of this already, but along with the new stuff, studying anything near forgotten is always useful and recommended! 🤔😀🤘.

Author — tanner1ie

In game objectives like capture points or breakthrough sectors aren’t the only objectives in the game. Even if it’s not labeled on ur hud or map a house, watch tower, or bridge over looking the objective is also something worth fighting over

Author — Angelo Deguzman

Appreciate the video. Already utilize quite a few of these tips , but nice to pick up some ideas to make my Battlefield gameplay even better especially with working out how the new Specialists will function and how their abilities will work in this new title. Cheers Aaron 👍

Author — Zanshin Jitsu

I started playing battlefield since 1942 and I can’t wait to use some old tricks on some new players but I’m also happy that battlefield friends is returning can’t wait to use those old tricks though Edit: I was playing battlefield 4 I don’t know how I pulled it off most people will think I’m lied but I don’t care what they think but I was dog fighting in the jet I forgot to switch from recon I only snip for a few minutes every four games but I forgot to change to change my class to engineer so I went up going to rpg the jet behind me but I forgot to change my class so I take out my c4 throwing them hoping for the best and some how all 3 sticks of c4 got on the enemy jet so I pull the trigger killing the enemy jet and getting back inside my own jet I was of course called a hacker just for some how pulling off a only in battlefield moment

Author — Jedi Jonathquan

I like how positive this video was , I’m really excited to play battlefield 2042 as a new player and when I search up videos all I see is people hating the game over specialist that made the beta fun and wasn’t a problem, im getting the game for sure, I just hope the whole community loves it

Author — BigSont Games