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Image Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy Image Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy Image Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy
(last modified 14.03.2022 )

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a re-imagining of a classic Final Fantasy setting and story. How is it? Let's talk.
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Is it possible to deactivate combat music completely? Like you can do in Final Fantasy 14 Online. There you can deactivate it so you will continue to listen environment and background music even when enemies attack you. Thanks in advance for the response.

Author — Grewon Blackleaf

I play ff8 at least 1-2 times a year because the story is just freaking awesome…..as I start playing newer final fantasy games, it’s like gambling, you either really like it or you don’t…..I liked ff15 but I beat it in one day so it’s super short…..all the ones in between seems completely different and experimental…..I loved how consistent final fantasy was with both story and gaming from ff7-ff8-ff9 ff10/10-2 and then after that it started getting experimental……it’s like the demand of this incredible game kept having us fans crave more and more and so pressure was on high for development teams and it’s more about the sales and using the next best gaming mods than overall quality now days…….whoever decided to do ff7 remake is a genius…..stories back then were so well thought of….now if they can do a remake of ff8 I’m sold…..the stories just aren’t as creative and well thought of now days….

Author — Jessica Brown

SOP has its charm for using some older tactics that were used in old developments(level design,story, dialogue ,etc.)but the class system is BEYOND dope. Very much reminiscent of FF tactics. Playing the demo and so far I’m loving it and the battles are great. I hear the online is even better. But I mean come on, the protagonist name is Jack lol I think the cheese is done in Nostalgia appreciation because there was a time in history where this type of writing filled out a game. Honestly it’s not bad, it’s just giving us the expected cheese factor for “Warriors of Light”.

Author — Skribbl3Dreams/Eras3Realities

The gripe with weapon score and playing reverse map missions is something nioh does. And I never saw people really bash it for that. Certainly never bothered me. Honestly this is one of those games I’m just gonna have to gamble on since reviews seem all over the place and I liked the demo enough.

Author — Jose Burgos

See I’ve heard a lot of conflicting reviews depending on the player. I think the only consistent criticisms I’ve heard so far is the level designs and the inventory issues and the only consistent accolades are the combat system and job system. Outside of those few consistencies I’ve heard others say that the story is extremely dumb but enjoyable because of the character’s, specifically Jack, comparing the game’s story to a B-Tier anime, while other reviewers have felt the story wasn’t enjoyable at all. I’ve seen some reviewers really like the soundtrack and others that really don’t. I’ve heard some say the gameplay system really makes up for the areas the game falls short in while others don’t think it does. I’ve seen quite a few comparisons to even DMC 4, not sure how accurate those comparisons are but having played DMC 4 I can understand what could potentially be the thoughts behind said comparisons. This game really feels like one that has no in between audience, you either love it or you hate it and you won’t know which side you’re on until you play it.

Author — AverageAtBest