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Image 10 Things WORSE THAN LOSING in Video Games Image 10 Things WORSE THAN LOSING in Video Games Image 10 Things WORSE THAN LOSING in Video Games
10 Things WORSE THAN LOSING in Video Games
(last modified 23.06.2020 )

10 Things WORSE THAN LOSING in Video Games

Losing in video games, singleplayer or multiplayer, never feels good. Sometimes, there are even worse things that can happen in-game. Watch to see what we mean.
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I recall a time when I was playing Uncharted 2 mp and I ended up getting disconnected due to an internet hiccup. When I got back in it docked me 40,000 xp as a punishment for quitting mid match. Which is a good few matches worth of progress. Yes I was pretty annoyed. I also recall a time on Red Faction Guerrilla mp when my entire team quit out about 5 mins in. They just left one by one until I was left alone. Meanwhile the enemy team fortified an area of the map and I couldn’t get in. But I kept trying with various tactics. Rushing in, sniping, sneaking, but of course I didn’t stand a chance. After the match one of the opponents messaged me and admired my refusal to give up. As for other things worse than losing... I’ll say, losing to someone who is cheating. Like, they’ve glitches themselves out the map and can shoot everyone through walls while being completely protected. Or how about losing to someone who isn’t playing properly. I’ve had this happen on GTA4 mp, when racing some would just hang about near the start line and ram into the leader as they attempt to complete a lap/cross the finish, thereby costing them the race. That was mega frustrating. It’s probably for reasons like this that I rarely play mp anymore. I’m more single player focused with gaming now.

Author — The GameCat: ShadowGandalf

Okay here’s a story. I was playing Dying Light with my friend and we finished original game then we switched to the Following (the huge expansion for Dying Light). We had a ton of great weapons and our skill tree was pretty much maxed out. Hearing that the following was better than the original game itself, we were super pumped. Anyways, we played for a bit and then for some reason we had our game public so anyone could join. Two players came in and completely hacked and messed up out game. So I went to delete the Following progress since I thought we could restart it, but I ended up deleting EVERYTHING, everything we grinded for was gone. This was about a year ago and my friend and I have been playing the whole game again during quarantine.

Author — Jakator

Actually, I am that person who will say "Good Game" for everyone I play with. Then again, I am a duck.

Author — Ducklyn Stark

When you have that perfect shot lined up and it’s somehow a miss. And then you end up dying from the person you just shot at.

Author — BladeKi11a

Losing loot, especially rare loot, that falls off a cliff or somewhere else unretrievable. Like in Borderlands, Nioh.. ect.

Author — Isaiah Moroshan