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Image Top 25 BEST Games of 2019 (Including Our Game of the Year 2019) Image Top 25 BEST Games of 2019 (Including Our Game of the Year 2019) Image Top 25 BEST Games of 2019 (Including Our Game of the Year 2019)
Top 25 BEST Games of 2019 (Including Our Game of the Year 2019)
(last modified 12.12.2019 )

Top 25 BEST Games of 2019 (Including Our Game of the Year 2019)

After the rollercoasters that were 2017 and 2018, the entire gaming industry took a collective breath this year, but though things were relatively calmer this year, the past twelve months were still packed with some truly outstanding releases. Across every genre, on every platform, we got to play a number of excellent games, representing developers at the very top of their game. Narrowing that down to just 25 games and then ranking those 25 games was not an easy task, but as always, that's what we've done. 
So here, we'll be counting down our favourite 25 games to have released in 2019, including our game of the year. With all that said, let's get started.


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Biggest highway robbery of this year is the game called "Bloodstained ritual of the night." That game is the true successor for one of the ALL TIME best side scrolling video game ever in Castlevania symphony of the night.

Author — Christopher Arriola

Devil May Cry 5, Astral Chain, Medievil remake, Concrete Genie and Fire Emblem Three Houses are some of my favourite games This year.

Author — UnicornGamer97

Great list. A few that would be on my top 25 not shown here would be Valfaris, Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom, Bloodstained, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Wreckfest (Blazing Chrome wasnt fucking around either, but on the shorter side). Im really enjoying the atmosphere and pacing of Days Gone SO FAR. Time will tell if it wears out its welcome. Im about 5 hours in. I think it will be on the list but wont declare that so early. I agree with many of these like Gears 5, Sekiro, etc. Havent played Ace Combat 7 but looking forward to it. Im also looking forward to checking out Death Stranding and immersing myself in the weird pacing and world to see how it feels to experience. Im undecided on that one but love a great atmosphere and world in a game. I engage in plenty of brutality from old school games and extreme modes, I enjoy variety. Plague game looks interesting, wasnt even in my head. Cursed Kingdom did have way TOO many puzzles for my taste but it was still a great game. Astral Chain was not really for me. Love alot of Platinum games main games like Bayonetta series, Vanquish, even Metal Gear Rising though it lost momentum after stage 1 for me. Astral Chain would regularly kill the pacing for me with very boring fetch quest type shit that lasts LONG and is frequent. I do like the hub area at the police station and nice music, but too many easy repetitive tasks. The combat is very cool and interesting but on normal its been very easy so far. So I have only played very on and off but will complete it eventually. Great art style though. Alot to like about it. It doesnt lack in quality or gameplay when the combat is there. DMC 5 I really enjoyed even though my prefferred hack n slash style is Ninja Gaiden Black and not so much playing for style against easy less aggressive enemies that just take REALLY LONG to kill. I prefer a few super aggressive difficult enemies that can end you fast and keep you in the zone with health bars that dont take super long to drain. I know thats not the point of the game. V can feel too button mashy for me, especially later on DMD mode. Another issue I had was that the environments felt recycled and very similiar almost all throughout. I would have liked some more variety, though thats not really a gameplay issue. Sekiro. Awesome game but the combat never clicked for me. That slight delay when blocking and parrying, I never really adjusted to. Suck at the game, but am near the end so will try to finish it soon. Loved MK 11. I was intending to play it more and try to get better at it but so many fuckin games in the backlog, with the current games and tons of old games on my emulation dedicated PC to catch up on. I did a few multiplayer win montages on the channel with a few characters but it wouldve been fun to go deeper with. RE 2 remake was awesome, and I didnt even like the old RE games with the tank controls. RE 4 is one of my favorite games of all time along with Ninja Gaiden Black. They did an awesome job with it. I did play through the first 3 re games on playstation but reading through a faq pretty much step by step which makes them very easy. I wasnt into the rigid style of puzzles and strange control, but there are alot of elements I appreciated about the series even back then. Just wasnt for me overall. Looking forward to RE 3 remake and hope to see them remake the 4th one with modern tech. That would be amazing. Mario Maker 2, awesome. I should play that more as well. The Links Awakening remake and Luigi Mansion 3 both look great. I have yet to try them. Control seems very cool. Im only a few hours in but so far it feels great, great atmosphere too. Jedi Fallen Order looks very good. Another one on my list to pick up. Almost always fuckin enjoy the new Need For Speed games so that one is on my list too. Even though I still do like some of the older ones with weapons and police chases the best. Im not big into story, Im more about gameplay and overall atmosphere, pacing in games, so I can enjoy games like Mass Effect Andromeda even if there is shitty story elements. Maybe because im oldschool and old games didnt really have stories anyway.

Author — TheConsole Killer

Sekiro is my goty without question. Unrelenting and unforgiving. Great story and gameplay loop. It doesn’t feel like the normal yearly game that other studios make.

Author — Citrusjelly

Fun list, tho like all lists we all would change or omitt some games this was a pretty strong list. Thanks for sharing :)

Author — Michael Coffey