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Image Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X Image Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X Image Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X
Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X
(last modified 14.10.2020 )

Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X

To get the most out of your PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, from TVs to sound systems, we narrow down what you need to get prepped for this next generation of gaming.
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There’s a lot of things to look for when you’re getting a TV for gaming. It is 4K? Does it support 120HZ? And, if so, does it have an HDMI 2.1 port? What about audio? Does it support Dolby Atmos? 
It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what’s the best setup for your gaming experience, but in this video we narrow down a few products in each category, like the LG CX OLED 4K TV, or the Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. We also go over the difference of PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, and Xbox Series X’s DTS:X audio capabilities, and what it means for your existing speakers of headset.
Thinking about capturing gameplay to share with your friends? We got you. We also go over the right capture card for your game sharing needs, and set you up with where to go if you want to get a streaming setup with mics and webcams.
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I still have the 2018 model of this tv. (LG c8 OLED)Awesome display. I will be keeping an eye out on how many of these next GEN games actually run at 120 FPS. The model I have maxes out at 60 FPS but I’m only using it for ConsolE games and I’m still skeptical that many NextGen Games will hit 120. Developers like to push graphics to the max Over FPS. I may wait until there’s an 8K Consol games whenever that is until I make my upgrade because I’m not sure how many games are gonna be 120. If only a few Microsoft exclusive run at 120 Then I may wait. I play a lot of old games on an emulation based PC as well as modern games and probably put in 4 to 8 hours sometimes With zero burn in issues after two years. I never broke the TV in and I run the contrast at max with brightness at 50 and oled set to max brightness as well. I had the 2017 model break on me though there was some lines that showed up but it wasn’t burn in. I always get the Best Buy warranties to be safe

Author — TheConsole Killer

That bandwidth though 😳. 16 compared to 48 seems huge. Hdmi 2.1 is the future.. and the future is expensive.

Author — Daniel Hathaway

WARNING A LOT of budget 4k 120hz TVs are FAKE 120hz! They sometimes use things called motion interpolation or motion-compensated frame interpolation where they take a 60hz and add extra frames to give it "120hz" This is NOT real 120hz and is a "smoother" version of a 60hz video and gives it a "soap opera effect". It makes video look horrendous (trust me).

Author — Carson W