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Image 5 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Achievements on Xbox One Image 5 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Achievements on Xbox One Image 5 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Achievements on Xbox One
5 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Achievements on Xbox One
(last modified 15.05.2020 )

5 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Achievements on Xbox One

Earning achievements in video games is fun, but sometimes they ask too much of us. Here are some ridiculous examples.
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I remember giving up on the NBA 2k18 checklist after like week 1. I used the Schedule mode still for free contract packs because the game 1 rewards were still great, but I believe each schedule completion was like maybe a player that was outdated as well as like 30k MT. And for those who don’t know, MT is the NBA 2k MyTeam mode currency. It ranges from 4k to 18k MT for a single pack. 18k being a guaranteed card from the set, but that doesn’t mean a guaranteed GOOD card, except for the later sets in like early September... So... Yeah. The checklist required completely finishing Domination, an offline mode that is, to this day, still a major part of the game that rewards ONLY players who complete all 99 games in like the first month. After that, it’s kinda pointless to do because the currency rewards are good, but not worth the mindless playing for hours, while still making sure to be paying enough attention to not lose any games or not win by too little and not earn enough MT to get all 3 stars... 2k18 was actually the only time i ever completed it because of the checklist... The there’s pack and playoffs. An RNG based mode where you draft a coach and 5 players and pray that they’re good. Luckily, 2k18 had a lot of good low rated players, you get matched up in similar leagues, and you get to replace cards that you want to replace to roll the dice for them once again... You have to get board 10 on that shit, which is NOT easy... Then there’s Supermax. The sweaty tryhard mode of the game. I never played more than maybe 20 games of it because when the checklist mattered, the rewards for the real tryhards on Supermax were OP... Plus, lineup restrictions were a big part of the mode, so a lot of assholes with 5 amazing players would run 99 overall centers like Shaq at point guard because he was fast enough and could shoot and dribble. You get to choose a team of 13 for the mode, so people chose 5 amazing giant starters and 8 of the lowest rated players and just run the starters the whole game. You’d run into teams like 7’2 Shaq, 6’10 Andrei Kirelinko, 7’0 Thon Maker (low overall, but amazing card), 7’3 Kristaps Porzingis, and 7’6 Yao Ming. All 99 overall except Thon, basically. And they were low rated teams because of the 8 bad players on the bench, especially when they give all the minutes to the bad players in the settings, so they’d end up with like 70 overall teams when in reality, they were easily 99 overall... And you had to, I believe, get to the highest tier on each season...... Then there were the grindy ass challenges, the collection level that pretty much meant you had to spend your life’s savings on the game, and a bunch of other bs... That’s not it though. There was one mode that I believe was the saving grace. I forget the name, but yeah...

Author — Adam M

I beat Kingdom Come on hard mode with all negative perks. I played the game so much in normal mode (1500 hours, yeah I know...), and I was practically a god because I knew the ins and outs of everything. Still very very hard, but so so worth it.

Author — Doctor Joker

On halo there’s actually an achievement called “Laso Master” which is for doing all Laso playlists. Which is the halo 2 one you mentioned plus every other halo all the same way.

Author — SoMe1 GiFTeD

Civilization 6 has some insane trophies, but I’ll go with Silver Anniversary. It’s listed as the rarest trophy in the main game. It requires you to have six silver resources at the beginning of the turn, which sounds simple but silver is quite rare and you need six of them. And I wouldn’t know whether or not there was enough silver until a good chunk of the map was explored. The worst was the map where I got five silver resources and eventually realized they were the only ones on the map—there wasn’t a sixth one so I could unlock the achievement. And completing a standard game takes hours. I think it took a week of starting up new games, exploring the map, determining if this map was worth exploring, and starting up a new game to repeat this process before I actually had a map with six silver and this was with adjusting the game settings to have more resources and a larger map.

Author — FlyingVGoddess

Fun fact: The average amount of time necessary to get Seriously 5.0 is easily more than enough to not only learn a new language, but to become fully fluent in both writing and speaking.

Author — Axel Dornelles

Me and my friends went for criminal mastermind on the doomsday heist and unfortunately we did everything correctly until the volatol mission when you have to drop bombs on the sam turrets(i later found out a way easier way to complete this setup) and my friend accidentally hit the satellite tower on top of mount chiliad causing us to straight up ditch 9 hours of work for that sweat 10 mil plus.

Author — Dave