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Image GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 - THE DRAGON (FULL GAME) Image GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 - THE DRAGON (FULL GAME) Image GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 - THE DRAGON (FULL GAME)
GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 - THE DRAGON (FULL GAME)
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GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 - THE DRAGON (FULL GAME)

PS5 God of War Ragnarok Walkthrough Gameplay Part 62 includes a Full Gameplay Review and Campaign Mission 62 of God of War Ragnarok 2022 Single Player Story Campaign for PlayStation 5, PS5 (PC at a later date). This God of War Ragnarok Story Campaign Walkthrough will include the Full Game on PS5 in Performance Mode. God of War Ragnarok Game Walkthrough Part 1 will include a Review, PS5 Gameplay, Kratos, Atreus, Thor, Odin, Fenrir, Mimir, Brok, Sindri, Freya, Lore Markers, Rune Reads, Scrolls, Artifacts, Poems, Favors (Side Missions), The Path (Main Missions), Cinematics, Cut Scenes, OST, Story Missions and all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending. Thanks PlayStation for giving me God of War Ragnarok on PlayStation 5.
God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It released worldwide on November 9, 2022, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, marking the first cross-gen release in the series. It will be the ninth installment in the God of War series, the ninth chronologically, and the sequel to 2018's God of War.
Ragnarök is set in the world of Norse mythology but expands upon the previous game's narrative, with an even greater focus on exploration and open-world gameplay. While God of War (2018) allowed the player to access six of the nine realms of Norse mythology, Ragnarök's expanded focus sees the player exploring each of the nine realms, including the new additions of Svartalfheim, the industrial abode of the Dwarves; Vanaheim, the lush home of the Vanir gods; and Asgard, the golden land of the Æsir gods. Midgard, the primary realm of the 2018 installment, is heavily featured but is now a frigid wasteland, dramatically changed by Fimbulwinter, a three-year long winter that began upon the conclusion of the previous game. The Lake of the Nine, previously navigable by means of a boat in the previous game, is now frozen over. Svartalfheim is explorable to the same degree as Midgard was in the previous game. Alfheim, Helheim, and Niflheim all return, with an expanded focus and character exploration.
Taking place three years following the events of the previous game, Fimbulwinter, a great winter that spans three summers, is drawing to a close which will begin the prophesied Ragnarök. Kratos and his teenage son Atreus begin to traverse the nine realms to seek out a means to prevent Ragnarök while attempting to uncover answers behind Atreus' identity as Loki. Their journey will lead them to Týr, the Norse God of War. Their conflict will lie with Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.
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I know you beat the game already but When travelers lift the skull your supposed to throw something at the skull. It will stun the traveller for I couple seconds. But named travelers do the wind up faster then regular ones.

Author — Cody Reed

1:25 if you guys were wondering where the lightning bolt came from (since Kratos and Thor fought on Midgard), it’s from when Thor fought Faye, Kratos’ wife. That’s why he says “this feels familiar” when he makes that same frozen lightning bolt with Kratos

Author — AP3X

I hope you keep exploring this area. As much as I love the flying jellyfish this area has some of the coolest stuff in the game imo that you stumble across! And the backstory it adds is crazy. Love this and I’m here til the end!❤

Author — LadySkaï

After editing everything the main series will be 72 parts total. Appreciate all the likes and support on each video so far fam

Author — theRadBrad

I think I speak for everyone when I say we would watch every part of the side content so don’t feel like you have to stick to the main missions. I’m here till part 150 if it takes that. Let’s go!!

Author — ClutchThe Camel

Literally this series is the best thing ever. All I think about lately is either studying or when is the next episode out.

Author — Topoftheleague #mostlygamer