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Image TOP 20 New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games | 2022 & Beyond Image TOP 20 New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games | 2022 & Beyond Image TOP 20 New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games | 2022 & Beyond
TOP 20 New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games | 2022 & Beyond
(last modified 12.07.2022 )

TOP 20 New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games | 2022 & Beyond

Top Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games 2022 & 2023 - New Amazing Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive Games 2022 - Best Upcoming PS5, PS4 Games 2022 & 2023
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00:00 God of War: Ragnarok
01:05 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
01:30 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion
02:48 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
03:39 RoboCop: Rogue City
05:01 Horizon Call of the Mountain

    06:05 Valkyrie Elysium

08:19 Marvel's Spider-Man 2

    09:21 NCSOFT Project M

10:37 The Last of Us Remake
11:49 Final Fantasy XVI
13:13 Sword and Fairy: Together Forever

    14:25 Forspoken

15:35 Marvel's Wolverine

    16:18 Eternights

    17:26 Stray

18:29 Deathverse: Let It Die
19:52 Season: A Letter to the Future

    21:15 Rollerdrome

22:21 Goodbye Volcano High
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1:07 сделайте Вы уже ремастер Jedi academy и продолжение с механикой этой игры. По ней турниры хорошо было бы проводить...

Author — Лепка просто - m029

Looking forward to the most 1. Gotham Knights 2. Wolverine 3. Spider-man Remastered 4. Spider-man 2 5. Stray 6. Robocop 7. Forspoken 8. God of War 9. Star Wars Jedi Survivor 10. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake 11. SS kill the JL

Author — Crosby4ever

Still wondering when we gonna get a ps5 upgrade for Last of Us 2 even though I am excited for the remake it looks amazing..

Author — Justin Edwards

I think I might be most excited for Wolverine. He was my first favorite comic book character I’ve always had a soft spot for him and a mature game sounds epic.

Author — Thomas Jefferson

Superhero games that should and are coming out all superhero games should be made in the vain of the Arkham series Spider-Man series games Suicide squad Wolverine Gotham knights New Batman title Superman Justice league Marvel avengers 2 should be reboot thou X men Marvel online game like elder scrolls Dc online 2 Guardians of the galaxy 2 Other games that should come out Racing games New street racing title open world but the story is linear crazy customization like nothing we see before keep this one straight street no pro league for professional tracks Car is customizable in every way possible Elder scrolls 6 GTA 6 New mortal kombat title New dragon ball z title New dragon ball z game open world in the same vain as elder scrolls Just fuse all the stories together like use all z gt super plus other like heroes and even xenoverse and just expand with the games story tons of side missions etc New nba street game New boxing game get the right to every legend that ever fought Better made ufc game get the right to every legend that ever fight New Star Wars game reboot that shit the other bullshit was trash New Star Wars game like knights is the republic A game like destiny but better online the shot was hard to level up A ps4 exclusive game like mircosofts halo A lot more god or wars More crash bandicoot A sonic game but have it play like a crash game Better wwe title Aew game better be good Spawn game Reboot and revamp street fighter and tekken storylines that shit was trash More crossover games like dc vs marvel Dc vs mk marvel vs mk but include street fighter tekken Lord of the rings games I like the Mordor games maybe expand on that or make it better somehow Tmnt game like I’m the vain of the Batman Arkham series Of course call of duty series needs to be improved somehow every year no future warfare thou that shit is trash and warzone bigger and better Saints row gotta get back to gangs stuff I gotta play the new one to determine more More Norse games More detective games More mafia games Of course Mario And Mario kart More and better Pokémon main games and more legends games Midnight suns games should of been made different Anything else ppl

Author — Miguel Molina

Thank god i have ps5 to play spider man, forspoken, wolverine, i cant wait for god of war Ragnarok, i already ordered deluxe ps5 verison and jotnar edition

Author — Grand Master Shay Patrick Cormac