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Image SAINTS ROW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - COLLECTIVE BOSS (FULL GAME) Image SAINTS ROW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - COLLECTIVE BOSS (FULL GAME) Image SAINTS ROW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - COLLECTIVE BOSS (FULL GAME)
SAINTS ROW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - COLLECTIVE BOSS (FULL GAME)
(last modified 26.08.2022 )

SAINTS ROW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - COLLECTIVE BOSS (FULL GAME)

2022 Saints Row Reboot Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 includes a Saints Row Review and Story Campaign Mission 9 for Saints Row Reboot on PS5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. My Full Game Saints Row 2022 Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, The Boss, Neenah, Eli, Kevin, All Campaign Missions, Bosses, PS5 Gameplay, Xbox Series X Gameplay, with the Full Story until the Ending of the Single Player Campaign.
Saints Row is an action-adventure video game and reboot of the Saints Row series. Developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver, it is scheduled for release on August 23, 2022 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia.
Saints Row is set in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, located in the American southwest, and based loosely on the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Santo Ileso is currently under control of three criminal gangs: Los Panteros, the Idols and Marshall Defense Industries, an international private corporation based in Santo Ileso that is known for advanced high tech weaponry. The player-character, "The Boss", a former member of Marshall Defense Industries assembles a new gang from dissatisfied members of these gangs and to seize power from them.
These new members include: Neenah, a mechanic formally with Los Panteros and serves as the gang's driver; Kevin, a DJ that was part of the Idols and handles the execution of their heists; and Eli, a business entrepreneur with an MBA that now plans the Boss's gang's activities.
The city is broken down into nine districts, which include Rancho Providencio, a run-down rural town; El Dorado, a gambling casino haven comparable to Las Vegas; and Monte Vista, a suburban area. As in past Saints Row games, the player will work to take over these districts, granting them certain benefits. New to this game, the player will be able to use empty lots in secured districts to launch illegitimate businesses with legitimate fronts to help finance and benefit the gang. The new city will include more vertical areas with tools that the player will be able to use to take advantage of that. The driving gameplay has been improved to encourage the use of vehicles as weapons themselves alongside guns.
The game will include a detailed character creator for the player-character.
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Fun experience some glitches and lags. I’m on ps4 and still really fun to play better than dying lights 2 launch

Author — YaBoiDD 666

Watching these at work definitely helps the time go by, thanks for uploading as fast as you are brad!

Author — Sonia’s Way

My man Brad still doin it strong💪🏽been watchin since i was a teenager. Keep it goin gang good job

Author — Corey Sparkman

You and your vids are awsome great way to do walkthroughs with your awsome input Seen the first vid and went out and bought the game and trying to stay at the same spot 8n the game as you but work always interrupts my gaming time 🤣

Author — Xytesk

I got the game and the larping mission is so funny at the end 😭🤣 you really have to check it out.

Author — J_Karudenasu

9 parts already ! awesome man just started watching it can we all agree that theRadbrad is the best youtuber

Author — SardonicApple